Notes on black holes

-Matter distorts space and time causing gravitational pull
-When matter is very heavy and small, it creates such a strong gravitational field that space and time are bent and twisted to a breaking point
-Waterfalls simulate black holes
—When you approach the edge, water/space flows faster
—The point of no return is called the event horizon

-Space is traveling inwards faster than the speed of light
-Everything is sucked downwards toward the center - nothing can get out, even light, hence the name “black hole”

INNER HORIZON - as you approach the center of the black hole
-This is where everything falling in meets the matter being pushed out by the hole’s rotation
-The collision of this matter traveling faster than the speed of light causes astronomically high temperatures (up to ten million degrees F)

-If Einstein’s Theory of RElativity holds true, it means at the center of a back hole, gravity is infinite, that time stops. It means the collapse of everything we know about the physical universe.
-According to Einstein’s theory, all the mass of a black hole is contained in an infinitely small point that takes up no space at all. This impossible object of infinite density and infinite gravity is called a SINGULARITY.
(A singularity is when our understanding of nature completely breaks down. It’s when we have no clue about what we are dealing with.)
-Einstein believed black holes could never exist in our universe

-Supermassive black hole at the center of our galaxy (and every galaxy)
—Ours is very small compared to others that are several billion times         more massive

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